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Professionals use the surface preparation system of Intelligent robot to quickly remove the paint and fouling on the cabin and hull of the ship, to remove the marine organism on the hull、rudder and propeller of the ship.
Aluminium industry
There is an efficient cleaning pipeline with one of the largest power ultrahigh pressure washer and unique alumina cleaning technology.
Petrochemical industry
Providing professional cleaning services that contains coke cleaning,descaling and de-rusting for chemical containers of petrochemical enterprises,such as cooler, heat exchanger, condenser, pipe and tube bundle.
Municipal engineering
In modern city construction,The consumption and discharge of water is increasing, then the management、maintenance and desilting of the sewer line as an work which can not be ignored is becoming more and more important .
Metal manufacturing
High pressure water jet has the compound crushing effect by washing and cutting,design to provide the phosphorus removal equipment and services for the metal industry.
Pharmaceuticals and plastic product
Cleaning spray tower,dryer,filters,high pressure sterilizer,cooler,heat exchanger, reaction kettle,boiler,steam pipe,tank containers and transport equipment.
The instruction industry
Remove concrete: spalling steel, cleaning stone wall and floor, get rid of the expansion joint filler and laitance , removing various coating of metope and ground, such as paint, asphalt, plastic, growth and etched surface, matting and processing concrete and stone surface
Military industry
To remove surface dirt and coating of the vehicles and panzer
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